About Us



Gear Guru, coffee lover with a grounded soul

I’m the tech nerd with a journalistic approach. I catch those in-between moments full of pure enjoyment and genuine emotion. I also keep our tech in tip top condition.


Photo geek, people person, chocoholic

I’m the visual story teller with a dreamy style. At your wedding, you’ll find me on the dance-floor hyping everyone up or tucked in a tree in pursuit of that perfect angle.




We’re the perfect match for you if:

  • You're BFF's!

    You spend as much time together as possible! Not because you have to, but because life isn't as fun when you're apart.

  • You Love a good adventure

    From exploring a new city to traveling the world, you're all about new experiences.

  • You want a marriage more beautiful than your wedding...

    and your wedding is going to be, like, really beautiful!

  • You love a good party,

    but staying home snuggling is equally as wonderful!

  • You dance in the kitchen

    Any excuse to get close and belt out your favorite songs!


Our Love Story

It all started one winter afternoon at my favorite coffee shop.
This quite curly haired man walked through the door, met my eye, and his face lit up.

That was almost a decade ago, but it still feels like yesterday.

Our coffee date turned into wondering through galleries,
talking over a glass of wine, to ‘should we grab dinner?’, and ‘why not catch a movie?’.
Our hearts clicked instantly and we’ve been inseparable since.

Our love for each other turned into a love for capturing stories
and preserving memories for our Phototrait couples!


How we work

Your images should always reflect who you truly are, with honest emotion and a great deal of fun. Working with us is a partnership! That’s why we take the time to get to know you, well before your wedding day.


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